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Dr. Corbin - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Breast Augmentation Expert

Dr. Corbin uses the Mirror Image System, a digital camera and a computer to show you the results that you may be able to obtain with surgery before you ever step into the operating room. He takes your image and digitally enhances it so that you can be completely informed as to what can and what can't be accomplished with surgery. Schedule your complimentary Mirror Image consultation today! - Seeing IS Believing!

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Dr. Corbin performs the following procedures:
Blepharoplasty (Eye)
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lifts
Breast Reconstuction
Breast Reduction
Chin Augmentation
Calf Implants
Endoscopic Facelifts
Forehead Lifts
Liposuction Neck
Lowerlid transcon
Neck Lift

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