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Procedure: Male pectoral implants

Male pectoral implants are designed to define and shape the chest area. In men who cannot achieve desired results through exercise, the surgery can give the existing muscles a toned, enhanced look. For patients with congenital defects or loss of muscle in an accident or injury, the pectoral implant procedure can often reproduce a natural, even and symmetrical chest area.

Doctors most often begin pectoral implant surgery by making a small incision in the armpit, and then insert the implant endoscopically. Endoscopic surgery involves using a thin tube with a very small camera on the end in order to guide the doctor through the patient’s body with a great amount of precision. This method reduces incision size as well as bleeding. Non-endoscopic methods are sometimes preferred.

Following the path of the incision, the surgeon places the implants under the pectoral muscle. The incisions are then sutured and the surgery is complete. The implants are held in place by the overlying chest muscle or by sutures that are temporarily visible through the skin.



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