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Aging Gracefully with Plastic Surgery

With today’s advanced plastic surgery techniques and minimally or non invasive procedures the look of plastic surgery is more elegant, subtle and natural. Dr. Corbin has over 20 years experience with the traditional techniques as well as experience with the latest and most current cosmetic surgery trends.

The facelift is one of the most famous cosmetic surgeries. In the past women and men had to settle for more scarring and more obvious tell tale signs of plastic surgery. The famous,”wind blown look” is now a retro look and today’s plastic surgery patients are seeking a natural, softer facelift that turns back the hands of time allowing them to resemble their former youthful appearance.

The basic idea behind a facelift is to remove excess skin, lift and in some cases to tighten and reposition the underlying tissue. If a patient has lost a lot of facial fat this may also be replaced by taking fat from another part of the body and transferring it or injecting it into those hollow or gaunt looking areas. A natural part of the aging process is to lose facial fat and by replacing it, a younger looking facial shape can be created.

What is a "Good Face-Lift?"

According to Dr. Frederic Corbin,” A good facelift will not really make a patient look younger, but it will make a patient look more refreshed instead of looking tired.” The signs of a good facelift are not looking lifted, pulled or stretched unnaturally. With today’s new surgery techniques and advancements in endoscopic equipment, lasers and anti aging procedures the results are better and there are more options for patients.

Dr. Corbin can tighten up the skin as well as the underlying tissues and fascia with a facelift surgery. A facelift can be done alone or in conjunction with other facial rejuvenating procedures such as a forehead lift, eye lift, fat injections, neck lift and skin resurfacing.

Depending on the needs of the patient and their individual surgery expectations lasers or chemical peels can also be used to resurface the skin and improve the texture of the skin eliminating lines and wrinkles giving it a more youthful healthy glow following a facelift.

What is Thermage?

If a patient does not have a lot of facial laxity and wants a very subtle anti aging surgery they may consider Thermage. Thermage a procedure that uses a patented non invasive radiofrequency treatment also called, ThermaCool tm, to treat slight to moderate sagging of the skin. Thermage is FDA approved to perform non – invasive treatments of facial wrinkles and rhytids. This cosmetic procedure is supposed to lift and tighten skin, soften slight wrinkles and improve contour without major surgery or scars. The Thermage procedure is safe for all skin types and has little to no down time.

This procedure is different from the traditional uses of Lasers, Chemical peels and dermabrasion because Thermage treats the deeper dermis and underlying tissues, while lasers, peels and dermabrasion targets the top layers of skin.

As we age we loose collagen in our skin which causes wrinkles. In addition to tightening the dermis and tissues Thermage stimulates the collagen in the skin immediately and also over time.

After Treatment Bliss

After the Thermage treatment the patient’s skin will feel smoother, tighter and younger looking. In some patients, it has also reduced pore size, increased collagen production to the treated areas and also reduced acne. Areas often treated are brows, forehead, eyes, cheek,upper lip, nasolabial folds, the jowls and jaw line.

The best patients for the ThermaCool tm procedure are people with mild to moderate ptosis and are showing early signs of aging. Generally, patients between 30 to 50 fit into this category.

There are always exceptions in aging such as patients with more obvious and extreme signs of aging caused by environmental, hereditary or smoking. Patients who are in the more advanced stages of aging should consider a facelift to improve their appearance as a skin resurfacing or minimally invasive anti aging procedure will only have a cosmetic affect on the skin and not the underlying tissues and muscle.

No matter what plastic surgery procedure a patient will benefit from it will not stop them from aging. To maintain a youthful appearance beauty maintenance is advised. For optimum results, Dr Fred Corbin recommends a good skin care regime, a healthy diet and exercise program as well as botox and or restylane to help turn back the hands of time. Also avoiding smoking and the damaging rays of the sun will keep you looking younger longer.

Remember having realistic expectation is key to the success of any cosmetic procedure. Education on these procedures before doing them is also important. If you are interested in facial rejuvenation or any beauty maintenance contact Dee to book a complimentary cosmetic consultation with Dr. Corbin.

Beverly Hills (310) 284-8384 or Brea (714)671-3033.

Subtle, elegant changes can lead to a more refreshed looking confident you!

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