Financing Your Plastic Surgery

An Investment in yourself

You finance, houses, cars, furniture, gym memberships and many other expenses so why not finance your cosmetic surgery and invest in yourself. Regardless of your personal choice of surgery or payment method, plastic surgery is an investment. A financial investment in yourself, your appearance and your happiness.

There are new financing plans that make paying for cosmetic surgery painless. Once you have learned about the plastic surgery procedure you desire, you probably have to decide on the most affordable way to pay for your surgery. Not everybody can afford to pay the full amount up front. With different payment options available practically anyone can afford cosmetic surgery.

In the past plastic surgery was a luxury reserved for the rich and the famous. Today this has changed and the majority of plastic surgery patients have average family incomes.

Plastic surgeons require full payment before the procedure is performed, but if a patient chooses to finance their surgery the finance company takes care of the surgery down payment and surgery fee to the surgeon’s office allowing the patients to make small payments over time.

 There are many finance companies who specialize in cosmetic surgery financing. In order to plan your surgery in advance we advise you to apply for financing before their personal consultation. With the internet you can apply directly online, making the loan process easy for people with limited time and busy schedules. If you prefer to apply for your surgery financing in person you can apply directly at our office during your consultation.

Not everybody has excellent credit, so if an application is rejected some companies offer the option of a co signer.

Dr. Corbin’s office wants to help you in all aspects of your surgery goals including the payment process. It is important for you to explore all your payment options when considering surgery. Balancing a manageable payment plan with your other monthly expenses is important. Not only at the cost of the entire procedure, but at a monthly payment that is comfortable for your budget. To reduce the payment amount you can put a down payment to offset the amount you are financing.  

Because the finance industry is so competitive, there are different plans available. Depending on what your individual credit score is, some loans offer plans just 1.5 % above prime.

The key to financing your surgery is to look for an easy application process, no down payments, good interest rates, reasonable terms, no hidden fees, no early payment penalties and a company that offers pre approvals before your surgery. Knowing that the cost of plastic surgery is going to be taken care of for you and your payments arranged ahead of time can help reduce the stress of surgery. With a highly completive financial loan market out there and lenders competing for customers now is the time for you to get the best loan with the lowest interest rates.

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