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Procedure: Calf Implants or Calf Augmentation

Calf Implants (Calf Augmentation) Calf augmentation surgery using calf implants is a popular cosmetic procedure for both men and women to enhance the appearance of their caves. Calf implants are used to create fuller, shapelier caves. These implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your individual needs. Calf implants are made of a soft cohesive silicone and they come in either a smooth or textured surface.

Calf implants are also used for reconstructive surgery to help correct deformities or congenital defects. In general, the calf implant is placed through a small incision in the crease behind the knee. The implant is then put behind the fascia immediately under the skin in front of the posterior muscles of the calves. The calf implants are placed in what is known as the posterior compartment.

Following calf implant surgery patients are required to follow post operative instructions and limit their activity for a short period of time. Specific care will be discussed with you by Dr. Corbin before your procedure.

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Calf Implants

Calf Augmentation Surgery Patient Gains Confidence After Procedure

Calf Augmentation patient talks about her experience with Beverly Hills, California plastic surgeon Dr. Corbin and how she feels more confident to wear short skirts after her procedure.

Calf Augmentation Patient Finds Comfort in Dr. Corbin's Integrity

Calf Augmentation surgery patient talks about her experience with Beverly Hills, California plastic surgeon Dr. Corbin and how his integrity and direct manner made her certain he was the best surgeon.


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